Cine se trezeşte de dimineaţă râde mai bine

Cel mai lung meci de tenis din istorie e în desfășurare

Nicolas Mahut vs John Isner , în primul tur la Wimbledon
La această oră, scorul în setul decisiv este 59-59!!!
Meciul s-a întrerupt din cauza întunericului 🙂


21:25 – So, assuming that both Mahut and Isner can actually move tomorrow they will be back then to complete their match. And we will be back then as well, with full coverage of anything that goes on on day four at Wimbledon. So join us once again from mid-day UK time

21:10 – There we go. That match has been suspended. John Isner is not happy about it, he very much wanted to continue. But it has been stopped at 59-59 and it will resume tomorrow when surely we can find a winner?!

59-59 – John Isner has just had a third match point, the first two were roughly 40 games ago(!), but Mahut has saved it with an ace. And now there is a certain amount of discussion about whether there is enough light remaining for them to continue

58-58 – We’ll keep trotting out the stats on this match as it is simply incredible. This set alone is now longer than any match that has ever been played. And still it continues!

55-55 – Its now 55-55 games all in the fifth set between Mahut and Isner. They have been on court for six hours and 40 minutes today alone and just shy of 10 hours in total. And there is only 15 more minutes or so of light left tonight. This match could quite conceivably be postponed until tomorrow!

50-50 – We have reached 100 games people, we have reached 100 games! It has now hit 50-50 and still this match shows little signs of ending! This is outrageous and surely neither of these players will be able to make it out on to court tomorrow?!

44-44 – Just when it looks like someone is getting a little tired or running out of steam, on this match goes and it is now locked at 44-44. There have been no break points for either player for a very long time. In fact Mahut has held no break points whatsoever in this set and Isner has not had any since he held two match points at 32-33. The American is looking very tired though, can he keep it up?

39-39 – Absolutely outrageously, Nicolas Mahut and 23rd seed John Isner are still going out on Court 18. It’s 39-39 in the fifth seed and that match has been going for an incredible 453 minutes. That’s seven hours and 33 minutes! The longest ever professional tennis match. And this is a first round clash!

29-29 – Now, we know what you’re thinking. The winner between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut? Surely that match can’t still be going on? Last time we checked in it was 19-19 in the fifth set. But yes it is till going on! It is now the longest match in Wimbledon history last over six hours and 10 minutes and it is 29-29 in the fifth set. This set alone has lasted longer than three hours and the players are, understandably, beginning to look pretty tired!

19-19 – Out on Court 18, an absolute epic is still going on with Nicolas Mahut and 23rd seed John Isner locked at 19-19 games all in the fifth set after they saw their first round match suspended at two sets all overnight. Will anyone ever break?