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Masuri anti-drona in inchisoare

Correctional facilities across the United States have reported an increase in drones flying over walls and fences to deliver goods to inmates, according to a Fox News report. In Michigan, prison guards found a tiny drone patrolling the area, likely scoping out the structure’s defenses. Similar incidents have been reported in Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, and Georgia, among others. The problem even reaches beyond the 50 states. Prisons in Canada, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Greece, and England, are all wrestling to keep these devices out.
Drones are being used to smuggle in anything from drugs to cigarettes to pornography.

Situatie inedita la Penitenciarul Ploiesti unde angajatii institutiei au interceptat o drona care zbura deasupra zonei de siguranta din curtea interioara a institutiei. Drona transporta un telefon mobil pentru un detinut. Angajatii Peniteniciarului din Ploiesti spun ca se confrunta aproape zilnic cu persoane care incearca sa introduca in spatele gratiilor obiecte interzise, de la telefoane si pana la droguri si arme albe. Drona a fost doborata cu o matura de gardieni.