Cine se trezeşte de dimineaţă râde mai bine

Texte de pus pe tricou

My other PC is your PC
I’m listening to Alice and Bob’s conversation
My other laptop is secure
Backups are for wimps
I’ll show you my password if you show me yours…
Life’s too short for long passwords
I have a spare hand for a TCP handshake
Aren’t you tired of being a man in the middle?
Mom, send money
azerty123 is *not* a secure password
I’m running Antivirus XP 2008
I am piggybacking your WiFi
I’ve forgotten your password again, could you remind me?
My computer has a greater purpose; it is trying to improve people’s sex life
I went looking for pr0n and all I got was this lousy rootkit
Abort / Retry / Order pizza
Data on this laptop is encrypted, but on that USB stick it’s not
My finger print is encrypted
I’m using too strong encryption to enter to the USA