Cine se trezeşte de dimineaţă râde mai bine

Notebookuri de la HP pentru fete

HP Chameleon.
This concept has a adaptive microcell coverage, that can be
transformed into the surround background. This laptop has three
cameras for environment analysis.

HP Eco.
This model made for ecology issued persons. It has solar charge cells, bar-code
reader for food products and a bangle for blood pressure control, pulse and so on.

HP Fitness.
This laptop is for weight control purposes. Also has a similar bangle for sport
sessions, such as running or stepping.

HP Make-Up.
If you’ll press the big button, the screen will change to a mirror mode. Laptop
also has on-nail printing device.

HP Mama.
You can’t break it. You can’t sink it. It has 3d-free monitor section design and
two bluetooth cameras with amplifier for videotracking your children.
Also another bangle with a beacon.

HP Perfume.
with this model you can change your laptop to a lamp or air freshener with
ability to download smell samples and mix it with smell matrix of HP Perfume laptop.

HP Nobag
Yes, it’s made for little bags and persons who don’t like big square laptops.
Hard OLED technology with touch sensors, deep blue color of pure glass –
what else do you need?