Cine se trezeşte de dimineaţă râde mai bine

World Wide What?

La inceputul anilor ’90, romanii erau la inceputul anilor de libertate.
Putin mai la vest, un cercetator britanic, Tim Berners Lee se ocupa cu lucruri un pic mai avansate: punea bazele world wide web-ului
In 20 mai 1991, cotidianul britanic The Sun scria pe prima pagina: World Wide What?
world wide what

“I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the Transmission Control Protocol and domain name system ideas and—ta-da!—the World Wide Web… Creating the web was really an act of desperation, because the situation without it was very difficult when I was working at CERN later. Most of the technology involved in the web, like the hypertext, like the Internet, multifont text objects, had all been designed already. I just had to put them together. It was a step of generalising, going to a higher level of abstraction, thinking about all the documentation systems out there as being possibly part of a larger imaginary documentation system.”