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Afla care-ti este ochiul dominant!

Util de aflat in cazul fotografilor profesionisti:

1. extend your arms straight out and form a small triangle with your hands.
2. Looking through the triangle with both eyes open, frame something nearby (e.g. a doorknob) and place it in the center of the triangle.
3. Then close your eyes one at a time without moving the triangle — your dominant eye is the one that placed the object in the center.
-PetaPixel: A Quick Trick for Figuring Out Which of Your Eyes is Dominant Fulgerul de pe avion

Cum se vede din cockpit un fulger care atinge avionul:

Darren Howie – Vortex Aviation Photography –

Off the south coast of Borneo flying through high cloud associated with distant storm cells our [Airbus] A320 truly becomes an electric jet. Amazing display of static electricity flowing through our jet in relatively smooth air makes for an amazing sight and luckily had me gear along. EOS1DMK3 14/2.8 II este un site recomandat tuturor pasionatilor de avioane si fotografie.