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Tastatura Dvorak


* Letters should be typed by alternating between hands.
* For maximum speed and efficiency, the most common letters and digraphs should be
the easiest to type. This means that they should be on the home row, which is
where the fingers rest, and under the strongest fingers.
* The least common letters should be on the bottom row, which is the hardest row to reach.
* The right hand should do more of the typing, because most people are right-handed.
* Digraphs should not be typed with adjacent fingers.
* Stroking should generally move from the edges of the board to the middle. An observation
of this principle is that, for many people, when tapping fingers on a table, it is easier going
from little finger to index than vice versa. This motion on a keyboard is called inboard stroke flow.

Există şi o variantă românească, cu diacritice: Popak (gasiti si mai multe fotografii + kit de instalare)