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John Isner: un alt meci de tenis lung

Va mai amintiti cel mai lung meci de tenis din istorie?
Se intampla acum 2 ani (23 iunie 2010) în primul tur la Wimbledon, si ii avea ca protagonisti pe Nicolas Mahut vs John Isner.
John Isner a castigat cu 70-68 in setul decisiv 🙂

Ieri, in al doilea tur la Roland Garos, acelasi John Isner a fost din nou unul dintre protagonistii unui joc maraton, tot in compania unui francez – Paul-Henri Mathieu. De data asta a pierdut cu 18-16 in setul decisiv, dupa 5 ore si 41 de minute.

As the man who emerged victorious from “the endless match”, John Isner should have known a thing or two about winning Grand Slam marathons.
Just as in Wimbledon, there was a danger the match would not be completed in a single day with light fading fast over Roland Garros.
Isner: “I am just going to go home, I don’t want to think about tennis right now
Mathieu: “At the end of the match, I did not even believe I won the match. We played for more than five hours, and I thought it was not going to finish…
 – Eurosport: French Open – Déjà vu for Isner against Mathieu

The longest list of the longest stuff at the longest domain name

The longest list of the longest stuff at the longest domain name

Somewhere over the Mohave desert in California in June 2001 a stuntman named Dave Barlia sat in a helicopter, hovering at 10,000 feet, with 1,800 feet of bungee cord strapped to himself.
Dave Barlia was not there for the view, he was there to perform a stunt for Ripley’s: Believe It or Not, so he jumped…..and fell…..and fell.
When the bungee cord finally reached it’s maximum stretching point Dave Barlia had fallen about 6,000 feet setting the record for the world’s longest bungee jump.