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Ronnie O’Sullivan – inca un 147 din 2 incercari

Prima incercare – s-a oprit la 89:

A doua incercare in urmatorul frame:

“I wasn’t trying to entertain, that is just how I play. I don’t go out there trying to do anything differently from practice, it is how I have played since I was a young boy. I am lucky to be able to play at such a level.”

The 147 break was the 767th century of O’Sullivan’s career which leaves him just eight behind seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry on the all-time list – and the Scot was moved to remark in commentary that snooker “does not get much better than this“.

Clasic: Taylor vs Davis, 1985

Finala campionatului mondial de snooker, 1985, Dennis Taylor vs Steve Davis.
Unul dintre cele mai frumoase jocuri de snooker din istorie:

Ultima parte a jocului a fost recreată ieri de către cei doi, la 25 de ani distanţă:

BBC Sport: Davis & Taylor recreate classic final

Watch highlights of the one frame exhibition match to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the infamous black ball final between Dennis Taylor and Steve Davis.