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BIC For Her

Review-uri amuzante la un produs cu nume neinspirat: BIC Cristal For Her.

This pen is so feminine that each month it splurges ink for one week and makes a bloody mess out of all of my documents. I often have to shove a q-tip in it to try to get the ink to stop running, but that doesn’t stop it.

Dear Mr. Bic,
You call this a pen for women? I’ve been trying for 3 hours now and can’t even get this sucker to vibrate. Build one a gal can kick-start and we’ll be in business. Till then, I’ll roll my own

As a man I have to protest. Things were so great until the fifties and then the ladies decided to wear pants and cut their hair short and did I mention they claimed for themselves our right to vote! Now they also want to write with pens just like a man does!??? Something has to be done about these overreaching ladies!

My hands were way to small to grasp on the man pens! I couldn’t even perfect my kitten drawings. Then this pen came out and the world was complete!