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Apple, 1987: Knowledge Navigator

In 1987, Apple a prezis aparitia unui device care sa functioneze pe post de asistent personal. L-au numit Knowledge Navigator, iar prezentarea lui e mai jos:


TechCrunch: Siri-ous Mind Blowing: Video Evidence Of Apple’s Prophetic Past — Circa 1987:
What’s even more mind blowing is that Apple predicted this technology more than a quarter century ago.
Apple’s “what if” exposition, which contains some late-’80s awesomeness, describes something called the “Knowledge Navigator” — a suped-up, tuxedo-ed personal assistant that users manipulate by way of voice and touch. According to the video, the personal assistant connects with all the major networks, features two-way videoconferencing, and helps you keep appointments, find, converge, and share documents — the works.

Basically, The Knowledge Navigator predicts touch technology, the iPad, iPhone, Skype, FaceTime — and Siri. All in one talking, well-dressed device. The savvy technologists among us may be well aware of the progenitors and technological precursors to these devices and services, but here we have very real confirmation that Siri (and Apple products as a whole) have been in gestation in the minds of Apple’s wizards since (at least) 1987.

And the best part? If I’m not mistaken, this “futuristic” video is set in the year of 2011 — there’s a mention of an article written in 2006 that was supposedly created five years in the past. Now, even for those cynics and naysayers among us, that’s pretty fantastic. Hold on to the top of your head. I guess Apple didn’t steal the idea for iOS from Android after all.